Digital Flowmeter™ with wireless capability

Monitor compressed air usage and waste!

What is the Digital Flowmeter with wireless capability?

EXAIR’s Digital Flowmeter with wireless capability is available as a built in option for EXAIR digital flowmeters. The easy way to monitor compressed air consumption and waste can now be done wirelessly over a ZigBee® mesh network! A radio module within each meter transmits data to an Ethernet connected gateway. Using the ZigBee mesh network protocol, data can be passed from meter to meter to extend the distance over which the wireless system can operate. Each meter has a range of 100' (30 meters). Setup is simple and consists of installing or retrofitting a meter, installing EXAIR's wireless-to-Ethernet gateway and running the graphing software available from our website. Many companies install the Digital Flowmeter on each major leg of their air distribution system to constantly monitor and benchmark compressed air usage.


Why the Digital Flowmeter with wireless capability?

 The Digital Flowmeter with wireless capability includes a wireless output flowmeter and a wireless-to-Ethernet gateway for new installations. They are also available without a gateway if adding a meter to a gateway already existing in your plant. EXAIR simplifies the process by configuring each gateway to communicate with the flowmeter(s) to provide the necessary communication for monitoring your system. Models from 1/2" to 4" iron pipe are in stock. Each Digital Flowmeter is calibrated for the pipe size to which it is mounted. The large digital display shows air use in either SCFM or Cubic Meters per hour.

The Digital Flowmeter with wireless capability is designed for permanent or temporary mounting to the pipe. It requires the user to drill one or two small holes through the pipe using the included drill bit and locating fixture. The two flow sensing probes of the flowmeter are inserted in these holes. The unit seals to the pipe once the two clamps are tightened. No cutting, welding, adjustments or calibration are ever required. If the unit needs to be removed, blocking rings are available. NEMA Type 4 (IP66) meters are available. Consult the factory

  • Provides wireless monitoring of EXAIR flowmeters throughout a plant
  • Configured to prevent unwanted joining upon the network
  • Monitoring software provided at no charge
  • Utilizes mesh networking protocol to relay data from remote meters
  • Transmits current air usage and cumulative air usage data
  • 128 bit encryption for wireless transmissions
  • Identify areas with high compressed air use
  • Models from 1/2" to 4" Schedule 40 iron pipe in stock
  • Models are also available for 5" and 6" in iron pipe
  • Models are available for sizes 3/4" to 4" in copper pipe
  • Easy to install
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