Safety Air Guns

Safety Air Guns

Safety Air Guns use engineered air nozzles for high performance!
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VariBlast® Compact Safety Air Gun

Small and lightweight air gun with a variable flow trigger they are able to produce different force values from the same nozzle simply by pulling the trigger.
• Durable cast aluminum body
• Comfortable trigger action through full motion
• Dual 1/4 NPT inlets to allow perfect positioning
• Meets OSHA noise and pressure requirements

Soft Grip Safety Air Guns

Has durable cast aluminum body is suited for rugged industrial use and includes a convenient hanger hook for easy storage. Designed to accept a wide variety of EXAIR engineered nozzles and extension pipes.
• Padded ergonomic design is ideal for hours of continuous use without fatigue
• Large trigger for easy operation
• Convenient hanger hook for easy storage
• Meets OSHA noise and pressure requirements

Heavy Duty Safety Air Guns

Features a larger compressed air inlet to accomodate higher powered nozzles. The durable cast aluminum body is covered by an comfortable composite rubber grip for extended use in demanding production line environments.
• Wide, curved trigger for ease of use
• Provides up to 3.3 lbs (1,497 grams) of blowoff force
• Meets OSHA noise and pressure requirements


Super Blast Safety Air Guns

Engineered to work with EXAIR's Super Air Nozzle clusters. The large, comfortable grip is perfect for handling the higher force and flow of EXAIR's most powerful nozzles.
• Ideal for wide area blowoff, cooling, and drying applications
• Auto shut-off valve in case the air gun is dropped
• Meets OSHA noise and pressure requirements.


Back Blow Safety Air Guns

For cleaning out the inside of pipe, tube, hose or channels. EXAIR’s engineered back
blow nozzle provides a powerful 360 degree airfl ow through an array of holes to remove coolant, chips or debris. Available in our VariBlast, Soft Grip, Heavy Duty or Super Blast version, each gun style can be outfitted with an up to 72" extension to
reach far into your application and provide airflow.
• No moving parts to clog or wear out
• Meets OSHA noise and pressure requirements

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