NEMA 4X Cabinet Coolers

NEMA 4X (IP66) Cabinet Cooler systems are made from 303 stainless steel, dust and oil tight, splash resistant, indoor/outdoor capable and corrosion resistant. By incorporating a low pressure valve for all air exhaust, the valve closes and seals when not operating to maintain NEMA 4X enclosure integrity.

Thermostat control systems (Models 4804SS-4880SS) are the most effi cient system because it will turn itself on and off as needed to cool your enclosure. Includes cooler, solenoid valve and thermostat, filter separator and cold air distribution kit. Models are available in 110VAC, 240VAC and 24VDC.

Continuous operation systems (Models 4704SS-4780SS) include the cooler, a filter separator and cold air distribution kit.

ETC Thermostat control systems provide on the fl y temperature adjustment and an internal temperature feedback display.

High Temperature Cabinet Cooler systems should be used when ambient temperatures reach 125°F to 200°F (52°C to 93°C).

Non-Hazardous Purge (NHP) models provide a continuous positive purge within the enclosure to prevent contaminantsfrom entering. h ey are suited for extremely dirty and dusty environments.
Dual Cabinet Cooler systems (Models (##50-##80) provide for

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