Static Eliminators Overview


Materials stay in position on an "L" sealer
when static electricity is neutralized.

High Force Air Nozzles Overview

Static Eliminators 
Blow away static and dust!
Neutralize and clean at distances up to 20 feet (6.1m)!
What are StaticEliminators?

A new technology solution to the old problem of static build-up. EXAIR Static Eliminators maximize ionized airflow while minimizing compressed air consumption. A small amount of compressed air is used to entrain a high volume of surrounding air. This combined stream is ionized by an emitter point (or points) and delivered to the charged surface. Static is neutralized from distances up to 20 feet (6.1m) away. Thus, EXAIR Static Eliminators work effectively in spite of obstructions, three dimensional configurations, web "rippling", etc.

What is Static?

Material such as paper, plastic and textiles normally contain an equal number of positive and negative charges – that is, they are electrically balanced.

Friction can disturb this balance, causing the material to become electrically charged. The electrical charge (static) will exert a force on nearby charged objects or a grounded conductor. Among the problems caused by this force are:

  • Dust clinging to product
  • Product clinging to itself, rollers, machine beds or frames
  • Materials tearing, jamming or curling
  • Sheet feeding problems
  • Hazardous sparks or shock

Charged conductors (like metals) discharge completely when grounded. Insulators (like plastics) don't conduct electricity and can't discharge when grounded. Grounded brushes or tinsel often have little effect on these surfaces.

When aiming EXAIR's Model 7905 Static Meter at a single plastic surface, it is common to measure many voltages across the same surface. The higher the voltage measured, the stronger the static charge or force at that point. It is also possible for some voltages to have opposite polarities (positive or negative) which determines if two insulators will attract or repel one another.

EXAIR's static eliminators (called ionizers) can eliminate the charge. These shockless ionizers are electrically powered and produce a bulk of positive and negative ions. The charged surface attracts the appropriate number of positive or negative ions from the ionizer to become neutral (discharge).

Selecting the Right Static Eliminator
EXAIR offers systems for total static control. When static is a problem on moving webs, sheet stock, three dimensional parts, extrusions or packaging, EXAIR has a solution.

Static Eliminators with Air

Combining our engineered airflow products with ionizers gives us the ability to eliminate the charge quickly and at great distances. Laminar flow airstreams produced make it possible to blow away any contaminants and the charge that attracts them. They are ideal for:

  • Hard to reach places or obstructed surfaces
  • Product moving at high speeds
  • Surfaces with an extremely high charge


A Model 111118 18" (457mm) Super Ion Air Knife
prevents jamming on a stacker.

Compressed air consumption and noise are minimized while providing force that can be adjusted from a "blast" to a "breeze". Tests show these ionizers positioned two feet (610mm) away from a charged surface to be as effective as an Ionizing Bar without air delivery positioned one-half inch (13mm) from the surface.

The Super Ion Air Knife provides the best performance of all ionizers. It uses our Super Air Knife (40:1 air amplification) to deliver a uniform sheet of ionized air effective up to 20 feet (6096mm) away.
Using a Super Ion Air Knife, static electricity is neutralized on the film
surface to eliminate dust attraction
Parts hanging from the conveyor are
cleaned and neutralized by the Super
Ion Air Knives that surround them

Standard Ion Air Knife uses our Standard Air Knife (30:1 air amplification) to deliver a sheet of ionized air to the surface. Air consumption and noise are somewhat higher than the Super Ion Air Knife.

The Ion Air Cannon uses our Super Air Amplifier (22:1 air amplification) to provide a focused, conical airstream that is capable of removing the charge up to 15 feet (4572mm) away.

The Super Ion Air Wipe uses our Super Air Wipe to provide a uniform 360° ionized airstream that is easy to clamp around a part for eliminating static electricity and contaminants.

The Ion Air Jet uses our High Velocity Air Jet (5:1 air amplification) to provide a narrow beam of ionized airflow. This hand-held static eliminator is rugged for industrial use and has incredibly fast static decay rates.

The Ion Air Gun is an effective spot cleaner. Available for permanent mount or with flexible Stay Set Hose, this ionizer is the ideal way to focus an ionized airflow at confined areas.

A Model 7006 6" (152mm) Ionizing Bar eliminates the static charge causing packing peanuts to cling
Static Eliminators Without Air

In some situations, even the smallest amount of airflow can disturb the product. This is especially true for lightweight materials. EXAIR manufactures two styles of ionizer for these critical applications.

Ionizing Bars are ideal for relatively flat materials, where the bar can be mounted within a few inches of the product surface.

The Ionizing Point is effective for spot neutralization. The compact size makes it ideal for winding or slitting operations. It can also be mounted through a duct to neutralize static charges due to moving air or materials.
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