Vaculex Lifting Systems

Vaculex Vaculex Lifting Systems

Vaculex, a leading manufacturer of lifting systems based on vacuum technology is now part of the Piab group. The combined company will become a stronger partner for customers world-wide, by providing an extended product portfolio and joint expertise with global reach.

Vaculex develops and manufactures lifting solutions for industries with high demands on ergonomics, safety and efficiency. They provide the most innovative and safe lifting equipment on the market.

Repeated lifts cause dangerous and costly injuries. Our tube lifters minimize and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries to the user as well as damage to the goods

Users of Vaculex products have highlighted reduced injuries, improved working environment and increased efficiency.

Flexible Solutions can be Installed Anywhere

The flexibility of the Vaculex products means that they can overcome many of the physical constraints that might occur on your premises. Whether retrofitting into an existing terminal or planning for a new building they can offer solutions that will adapt to existing or required infrastructure.


Vaculex TP

0-65 kg

Vaculex-TP-UTAN-SKUGGA Vaculex Lifting Systems
Vacuum lifter for very rapid material handling.>>More Details

Vaculex VL

30-250 kg

General purpose vacuum lifter built on a modular system for easy adaption. >>More Details


Vaculex ParceLift

0-40 kg

Vacuum lifter for very rapid loading or unloading of containers or trailers.>>More Details

Vaculex ML

0-55 kg

MLproduct1-e1442383519888 Vaculex Lifting Systems
General purpose vacuum lifter built on a modular system for easy adaption.>>More Details

Vaculex TS

0-65 kg

Vacuum lifter for high stacking of boxes etc. >>More Details


Vaculex TL

0-50 kg

Vacuum lifter that handles laundry sacks and mail sacks..>>More Details

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