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Vaculex-TS Vaculex TSVACULEX TS – for stacking of goods

• Uniqe layout made for stacking goods between low and very high levels.

• Unmatched ergonomics for stacking.

• Configurable for handling of different goods such as boxes, sacks and sheets of metal etc.

• Configurable with most Vaculex accessories.

• Customized versions available on request.

Easy handling for low and high stacking heights

Low and high stacking heights
Vaculex TS was developed to solve issues with handling goods between low and high stacking heights.

Easy to grip and release goods
Vaculex TS makes it easy to grip or release goods with a high level of control even at levels far above the operators head.

Unique design
The unique design of the Vaculex TS control handle also makes it possible to pick items at floor level without either kneeling or bending to reach the objects.

Highly flexible
The Vaculex TS is easily customized to fulfill your specific needs. The control handle principle for stacking can also be utilized on the Vaculex VL product series.

TS Vaculex TS

ts3 Vaculex TS ts6 Vaculex TS

Video of Vaculex TS

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